Being convincing to an employer in Australia

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Finding a job in Australia is no easy feat. From applying for a job all the way to job interviews, the etiquette can be different abroad. Specially job interviews, that can already be pretty daunting, can feel even worse when set in a whole new country. If you’ve gone through a job interview in Australia before, how about giving a few tips to someone who might be preparing for one?

Do interviews usually take place in a formal or casual setting in Australia? Do you have any pointers for job interviews that take place over a lunch or dinner?

From application all the way to the job interview, what is essential to make an candidate stand out?

Culturally speaking, are there specific do’s and don’ts? What is the general take on bringing a parent on the job interview or a gift to the interviewer?

Can you tell us a little about your experience? What worked and what did not work for you?

How important is it to have a solid professional network prior to a job interview?

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Firstly avoid general Cv and cover Letter. Tailor those two to suit the requirements for the job.
So your Cv and cover note answers the job requirements point by point
Your Cv should have achievements that can be relevant to job in question
Expect behavioural type questions:- Situation, target outcome, action you took, results
These can be the most difficult ones to prepare for but the questions reflect job criteria
Eg if job requirements team work have example of a situation that required team work and respond as per above model
Eye contact shows confidence. Let interview be two way communication- they want to access your team/ organisations fit

Ask relevant questions at the end usually about the job, organisation, and career development
Review general preparation tips for interviews including general questions types eg a conflict situation u handled, weaknesses( have some positivity, career goals( critical as there is shortages of good workers

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When applying for a job there are several factors you may wish to consider.  The daunting question is What are my most attributable skills and what tasks have I completed to make my employer more money and competitive in a competing market.

  The ideal solution is what a sales people refer to as selling yourself. That may be conventional but most employers that I've been in the interview rooms with. Want to know what you do different that stands apart from everyone else.

  For example I have a forklift licence but applicants 1-200 have a forklift licence. How have you as the applicant differentiated yourself from the rest. The answer is thus the tasks need to be active and solved a key problem with in the company.

  Use active words like trained, communicate, solve, improved, gained, engineered, set apart. These words show moxy, confidence, and doesn't steer away. From the concept of team work don't use the first person to many times you will bore your reviewer. 

Don't sensationalise your best traits you already have the confidence by the tasks you've completed. Community involvement is always a well round booster to get you in the door.

  Here is just a few pointers that may seem shorten what I've said. … MEAAYASAAE

Hi, may be remote working becomes a solution for benefits of abroad ones. Working holiday seems an appriciated approach. Any ideas improve flexibility

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