July 2019 Start MOE Graduate English UAE

I know there are tonnes of MOE UAE graduate posts, but I can’t seem to find any with start dates for this year!

Has anybody got a start date in July , what agency did you go with and how are you preparing yourself for the big move!? I am going independently and it would be great to connect with others in the same boat!

Looking forward to some responses!


I have given back signed and sent bank my contract but haven’t yet received any start dates from the agency and I’m with astute education. How about yourself?



I am with footprints recruitment, I have provided them with all the relevant documents and my preferred start date. So, I guess it's now a matter of waiting around for my tickets and visa! Where did you go for your interview?

Oh okay, yeh so have I. I’m nervous though as they told me last week that there they had a mobilisation of today. But obviously way too short notice for me.
I went to London in November how about you?

I had mine December in Manchester. are you from London?
Don't suppose you have facebook?

Aaah okay, what’s your name il add you?

Hi, I too am coming from London. I had my interview in feb and am waiting for my final contract. Were you told an exact date that you’d be flying out?

Hey, no I was told to provide them with a preferred start date and they said the MOE will work round that. They said I won’t hear back now until a week or 2 before I’m due to go out which is 27th July. What agency are you with ?

Ah I see. I’m with astute education.  I’m more nervous about not knowing which emirate we’ll be in for the training and teaching bit though!

I’m actually looking forward to the whole not knowing where we’ll be placed ! Are you going alone ?

yeah, im going alone, are you? have you gotten your final contract yet?

Yep got my final contract already, just waiting on visa and plane ticket. 

I’m also going by myself ! Do you have fb, we could connect on there ?

Ah that’s cool, so you must be pretty relaxed then! I’ve just sent you a message

Have u already left to UAE? I had my interview at December in 2018 and got my initial contract at mMay, I am still in a nervous waiting for my final contract. I am from International Experts recruitment agency

Hi, no not yet. We're due to fly out next week, just waiting for the visa and flight tickets.

Hi. Wats ur status now miss. My mobilization date on july 20

Whats ur status miss. My date as per agency july 10

Anyone joining on 21 July could share as to when they got the visa and tickets please?

Heya, did you get there ok ?!

Hey I’m with footprints as well and have not received any information at all and it’s not sept, completed all of the paper work part on my end starting to get nervous any suggestions ?

Have you received your final contract ?

No I haven’t received my final contract, from them yet do you know when school starts in the UAE is it considered too late ?

I’ve had everything finalised and I’m still waiting to fly out , it’s been delayed twice now for unknown reasons. I wouldn’t hold your breath

That’s interesting thank you for ya help, let me know how it goes on ya end

Also how do you get in contact with footprints, it takes them too much time to reply via email and also every time  I call it says they are currently closed and never call me back

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