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Hi everyone,

Just want to ask for advice. I will have my final exit this lastweek of april 2019 after 6 years of working in the same employer. And my saudi license will be expire the same month. I want to come back to saudi arabia again, in renewing my saudi license i need a dataflow for my COE. Is it ok that I will only use my recent COE for may dataflow or they still require COE from philippines?
Looking forward for your response.

hi did u renew ur saudi card already???

yes it was already renewed

Nice to hear that
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can i ask im planning to go back in saudi i need to dataflow my latest coe here in philippines my coe more than a year or the recent one in saudi ????ur reply is really much appreciated...thank u

you need to upload the past 3yrs experience in dataflow..which is the most latest? ur saudi coe or the phil coe?

currently in phil. 1 yr 3 mos then the last one in saudi 3 yrs...anyway i really appreciate ur reply  thanks so much😊

just upload both... ur last saudi experience and phil... because dataflow will not accept if u have more than months work gap...

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