6000 RM for a couple in Malaysia

I live in Iran and I've got a job offer from a company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have offered me 5000 RM per month for the first three months and 6000 RM for after that. They also have said they may increase my salary by maximum 12% after each quarter. They have rejected my offer which was 6000 for the first three months and 7000 for after that.
I have read all the previous threads and I know it's considered really low for a married couple; however, a financial crisis has occured in Iran and Iran currency value has got very low. I own a house in Tehran and both my wife and I are working. My salary is considered good in comparison to Iran; however when converted to USD, it is around 350$.
My question is with this condition, should I accept the job?

No because legitimate employers would never construct a job offer in this way.

Sounds like a job scam and they are bating you with the "promise" of higher income.

I don't think immigration would accept that type of contract of employment either nor would they approve a work permit

You would need immigration approval and a single entry Visa with Reference to enter Malaysia. Must not enter on  tourist visa even if they suggest its legal to do so. (which it isn't).

A salary so low for a no - ASEAN with a Degree simply would be difficult to justify

Remember income tax is 28% for first 182 days

The company doesn't seem like a scamming company. They have some projects with Malaysian government and I did some test semi-projects for them (my field is computer) and we discussed several times about them, until they approved me.

Still same problems mentioned  above and 28% tax. I really doubt you will get immigration approval at such a low salary (and being Iranian)

Scams operate in many ways...... as suggested they include arrival on tourist visa* to unpaid increases in salary

*cannot get employment pass finalised so cannot leave country without being deported and 4 Yr ban

First months salary will be spent getting your wife a DP. Or did they offer to include that

Shop around for a proper career and not with a cheapskate Outsourcer

No, they said I have to pay for my visa and work permit and my wife's DP. The only thing that they offered was free insurance only for myself.

I think the final decision will be in the hands of immigration department whatever you agree to. Just don't get caught out and end up an illegal and defenseless immigrant.

You can do much better for yourself than this terrible job offer

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