Fiance visa

If any of you have experienced a fiance visa please do share how long have you been waiting for approval?

Highly appreciated for sharing your experienced🙂

Hi there,
I don't have any answers for you, but wanted to say I'm also interested in this option as well with my Norwegian girlfriend in Oslo. I'm American, and wondering if any other American / Norwegian couples are here and have been through this and applied at UDI?

after 9 months of waiting finally i got approved.... waiting is really makes me crazy 😫😭 but its all worth it 🙏🙏🙏

I believe it also depends on how long you have known each other right? Did they ask you Mameh06? Did you have to show documentation of knowing each other from before or pictures of anything?

yes.. we got rejected last december then appealed Udi send them all the pictures, conversation and letter, we been tru a lot of struggles i mean calling them, follow up and explaining our relationship urgh.. God is good!

Did they approved it after you appealed?

Hello everyone. Want to share my experience about fiancee visa. I have granted only for 1 month. I am very happy i can be with my love. Hope you will have yours soon!

Hi Good day everyone, my name is Leoma from Cebu Philippines. i am currenly aupair in oslo, norway and i have a lithuanian boyfriend. we are planning to get marry and i need to apply for fiance visa. He's been living here for almost 4 years and we don't know if it's possible to marry here the both of us.

the questions are;
*What are the documents needed for the fiance visa?
*how long is the process for tax certificate?
*How long is the waiting time for the visa?
*Can i get travel insurance instead of health insurance?
*How much is the cost for all of this?
*Do i need to show a bank statement? or is it ok if i don't have? because i still don't have bank account here even i am aupair.
*Do they base the approval of visa on how long you've been together?

Because i am aupair i am staying with my host family. but if ever i terminate my contract is it possible to live with my boyfriend while processing?

please i need help now for all of this. i hope to hear something from you.
have a great day.

best of regards

Hei Leoma,
Good day to you. We have the same Job also her in oslo . Can I ask you? Hows the process of your Fiance Visa? We almost have the same situation. Hope I could here from you soon . Takk.

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