Application not accepted if Basic pay is less than 15000rm

Requesting advice for the information of Application not accepted if Basic pay is less than 15000rm and which is less by 1000rm. Also staying in malaysia for more than 11 years.

Well this is the first time someone has reported a problem like this on the forum. The press has been full of 10k being the possible absolute minimum Salary for expats in the future. So your report is rather surprising. You don't say what type of job you are working in which would be interestinv to know and might shine some light on your situation. 15k happens to be the threshold for the Talentcorp visa.

Thank you for message. I forget to mention this is talentcrop visa.
Yup, Talentcorp visa has limited to 15k. Not sure, there is any other way to convince talencrop, with long stay also not accepting.

Yes the Talentcorp minimum salary level qualification is rm15k (basic salary). It is rigidly enforced.

There is some talk going around that some professional categories are increasingly difficult to get approval eg IT

yup tq. The talentcorp team, not accepting if 1rm less for 15k also. Need to find alternative ways like to discuss with team via phone.

Apply when you have the required minimum salary as there are no exceptions.

There is the relatively new MTEP visa

There is also the Labuan offshore company incorporation which with a paid up capital of rm250k qualifies for an Employment Pass

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