Looking for a teacher job

I would appreciate if anyone could advise me :
does it really make sense in looking for an English teacher positions in England (English as a second language)?
thank you

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

A straight answer to your question; you would think that there would, but a quick Google search didn't reveal any in the UK at all, so maybe not.  I know when we first moved to the UK, our twins didn't speak English well enough to participate in routine classes, so they got a special tutor from the Education authority to ensure they caught up with what they needed to participate in the national curriculum.  My only advice would be to use Google to do some searches, country by country - at least then you would know what all of your potential options are.

You also have to consider whether you would be granted a work visa to come and work in the UK; you haven't told us much about yourself, but on the face of it, probably not.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank you, I have already done Google and other kind of search, that's why decided to ask here. Not so many job offers. Actually none)
As to the visa  - I thought that if I got an official job offer, why should I have problems with getting a working visa?
In any case, thanks for your feeddback

Hi again.

Yeah, I found the same lack of job offers.

The problem with the visa is that the UK government thinks it has too many people coming to live and work in the UK; to try and control this, it has placed some restrictions on all work type visas.  At the top of this England section to the Forum is a sticky post I've made that explains the current system; this link will take you straight to it.  Please read the opening post and the link I provide within it, it will take you to the current list of occupation's that will qualify for a work visa; I just had a quick scan through it and TESL is not one of them.

Once you've read the post I've referred you to and checked out the Shortage Occupation List, if you have any more specific questions,please come back to us.

Expat Team

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