Rules for rent a room in the netherlands (MVV Visa)

Hello I'm Kanya .I'm going to plan to get MVV visa this year and I'm also looking for a room there. But I heard that there are rules for renting one. Like take queue or book up and wait until the owner open or people booked before me cancel. Is that right? So is there any agency or way to get a room about 1-2 month?

Hi Kanya and welcome to the Forum.

There are no rules such as you mention related to renting a room anywhere in the Netherlands, nor is there a public organised agency system for expats/immigrants newly arrived in the Netherlands.

Most people use short-term accommodation (i.e. a hotel or Airbnb) to get themselves somewhere to live until they can find somewhere they like that is more permanent.

As it gets nearer to your date of travel, you can check out the Housing section at the top of the Forum to see if there is anything that may suit you.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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