Get my own internet connection in rented flat possible?

Hi guys
So I like to hear if anyone has done this or some friend has done it.
I like to rent a flat some were in downtown and most flats come with wifi
I am sure it's fine for normal users but I do a lot of online work and need
my own internet line to be sure a fast and stable connection that not drop
when everybody starts streaming stuff in the evening:)
So I like to get a direct contract with a supplier. Ofc I have to pay that cost
both monthly and maybe some fee for getting installed to my flat but wonder
anyone done this? I sure some building owners don't want it and some not mind
as I will make at least 1-year renting contract. And what internet supplier would
you recommend for this?

Hi there, I have a friend. He has an one-bedroom apartment newly built. It's just finished and he hasn't got any internet connection. If you are still looking, I can introduce to him. Friends only, no agency involved.

I would say to first ask the landlord. Maybe he/she is oppose to someone drilling holes in the wall to get the cable in or he/she would be more than happy to have it set up for you at your expense. Don't know the requirement to get internet installed. You may not have the paperwork.

This was covered pretty extensively before although I didn't search out the link as I can't think what search terms you would use.  At that time the consensus seemed to be that most large apartment houses have some type of exclusive contract for one provider.  Of course there may be exceptions. 

As far as drilling holes, my wife surprised me when we left our apartment by saying that it was not customary for tenants to fill in any holes drilled for hanging paintings and such.  Of course as Vietnamese landlords apparently routinely withhold deposits, perhaps a few holes is a minor matter.  Western tenants may expect to fill those holes and get their deposit back.

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