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Not many book readers in the Philippines myself included, mostly it was Haynes car manuals, Hank Jansons, technical mags and Dennis Wheatley,  but spending hours in Airports waiting for your flight got me curious about books and spending my retirement in the Philippines  I find spare time available.
In each SM and sometimes Robinson's mall there is a shop called the Book Store and they are packed with secondhand books, soft and hard backed. Surprisingly the hardbacks can be cheaper and they are in very good condition.
Below I have compiled a list of good authors who write books that are exciting and provide excellent reading. If you are lucky you can find the hard back of Readers Digest or Selected Editions that contain 4 good stories of which 3 are adventure types. Paying about 100 pesos for a book with 3 stories inside is a bargain! My shop in SM San Pablo will let you exchange the book if it’s in good condition. After you’ve read it.
If you are from the UK, it is pleasant to read authors from our home country and that goes for US also I presume.
Tom Clancy        US /CIA  ..lots of government details and can be tiresome but the story is good
Robert Ludlum                 (Bourne Identity) Adventure
Wilbur Smith        US  Adventure mostly in Africa brilliant story teller.
Jeffrey Archer        UK  Adventure
Stephen King        US   Science Fiction, Horror, strange happenings , thrillers
Dick Francis        UK easy reading, adventure crime,  always a Horse racing track nearby like Newmarket.
James Paterson        US   crime thriller
Ken Follett        UK  Adventure
Ruth Rendell        UK   crime and local stories very readable.
Colin Dexter        Ditto
John Grisham        US Adventure thriller.
Louis Lamour        (?)  Cowboy stories and very readable
Lee Child        US  Excellent Crime writer
Enjoy your reading and if you can add to my list then please do, I counted all my books this morning and over 10 years we get 175....good lord!

"Good Book" Depends very much on personal taste. But I agree with some of your selection, so our tastes must overlap somewhat.

Pete Brassett UK Scottish Crime stories I binge read the whole series

Will dig down a bit and get a list together. I tend to use Kindle. A Kindle Unlimited subscription casts £7.99 a month and you can download as many as you want, though you can only have 10 on your machine at a time

Agree with Patterson, Clancy, Ludlum, Grisham and Child.  For something different you might want to read some Tim Dorsey about Florida, characterized as Hunter Thompson meets the Three Stooges.  Mostly I buy them in the USA and ship them in Balikbayan boxes, currently have 30 already read with 7 on deck.  After I read them I have been contributing 3 a cruise to the exchange libraries on cruise ships.  Anyone gonna be in Ilocos Sur and interested in above listed writers plus Clive Cussler let me know.  I have found very poor selections in the local malls and book stores.

Thanks for your replies guys, most times when we visited the SM at Dasmarinas I'd be on the floor outside the front of the shop on the basement floor with the books from the shelves all round me.  Best not to tell the assistants that you are looking for a particular author because when you do find it it is in the "Popular softback "  section and priced at over 200 pesos. Better to look in silence and hope to find one for 85 pesos. I've tried some lady authors but find them disappointing but Jackie Collins is popular on the shelves.  whatever happened to "The Carpet Baggers", remember with a smile reading that one.  Tried to find a "Dennis wheatley" but no luck and I REALLY tried.

Nice list and a great topic - thanks Peter.. I have been an avid reader since I was a kid but let it lapse for decades during my career. As you say, now we have more time.

I do love spy and adventure thrillers since an early GF turned me on to Robert Ludlum and another John LeCarré - also enjoy Ken Follet, Graham Greene, etc. We have a nice library of used books in my condo and I enjoy reading them even if some are 30 years old and others are second tier authors. If I get hold of a good one I will power through in a few days.

My GF is not a reader (yet one more difference between us) so she can't understand how I can stay up until midnight with a good book. I continue to try and find stories that will capture the interest of our two boys but it's not easy as they would rather watch You Tube on their iPads. I do limit that though. It's really true there is nothing like a good book. It's their loss, haha.

I read a lot when I am in the Philippines, but using a Kindle rather than buying Paper books.
I would agree with Peter Clarks selection of Authers. Although, I enjoy Historical, and some Science Fiction. C.S Forrester, Neville Schute, Ann Mc Caffery.

One Book I found was "Barangay in Bohol" By Ian Burgess. At first I enjoyed ths Book, as I live in Bohol, and could relate to many of the Locations and Situations written about. However In the end the Auther seemed to me to be just another Ex Pat with a Superiority Complex. Which was a shame, as it spoiled, for me, what was quite a good Book.

So many good authors & books already listed in this thread. I will only add my favorite crime writer, Michael Connelly. His detective Harry Bosch novels are not to be missed, IMO. The Amazon Prime TV series of the same name is pretty good, too.

Military thrillers Dale Brown
Thrillers Stephen Coontz

Wasn't the Carpetbaggers written by Harold Robbins? Also a great Writer.
The Pirate i thought was one of his best.  As usual. the film didn't do justice to Book.

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