Average Salary for Maids/Nannies

I wonder if anyone could please let me know what the average salary for a full time, live in nanny is. I will be looking to employ a maid/ nanny for when I arrive and please need insight on this. Please could you advise what the going salary is and what else needs to be provided ie: food, toiletries etc. your help would be much appreciated
Thanking you in advance

Governments have agreements regarding the maids from respective countries. For example the minimum wage for Filipino maids is the equivalent of USD 400 but in reality they can command more like MYR 2k per month because of scarcity.

For a live in maid you are responsible to arrange their immigration working visa. This often means going through an agency who will bring in legally a maid from your preferred country. There are very few women who already have permission to work on a spouse pass ie married to Malaysians who want live in jobs. That is why bringing in a new maid is necessary. It takes about 3 months to complete the hiring and immigration procedures.

Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated

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