Cancellation and reapplying for work entry visa

Hi all Good day, I want to clarify about my friend visa. He applied from our agency from the phillipines on October 2018. He got hired and instructed to wait for his visa.. He follow up daily for any update regarding of his entry visa but unfortunately the employer and agency said still on process. He was working before here in Kuwait for 10 years and got contacted again by his chef and offer him a job as assistant manager,  that's why he decided to cancel his application to the agency/employer but the employer says that he already has visa issued on December 2018 but got expired because they misplaced his visa and the HR didn't noticed his visa,  that's why they Re-apply again for his visa this month March 2019. But He already told them thay he wanted to cancel his application because he got a better offer from another employer. But then the agency said if his visa will released this month he maybe get a problem in applying another visa from the other employer.

It is possible to cancel his on process application for entry visa to avoid problems for his another employer in application for another work entry visa for him?  Thank u.. You answers are meant a lot to me. thank you.

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