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I was in Chiang Mai last November on fact finding mission and loved it. The idea was for me to retire there. I may not be able to do this because of the restrictions on having Aus $40000 in a Thai bank account for x amount of time. However, I have been hearing about 6 months visas. Would it be worth my while considering this option instead of relocating full time????? I am open to any suggestions anyone may have as to getting to Thailand hassle free. Nice to meet you all. Thanks for your help, Brian  :)  :D  :)  :D

It's 400000 baht if you have a Thai wife and 800000 baht if single. At the moment I can't answer your other question.

Thanks bud, this maybe my downfall. 6 months visa maybe an option. It in the lap of the Gods. Take care, Brian

If you can transfer the equivalent of 65,000 THB every month to Thailand, you could apply for a 90-day Non O visa and then apply for a 12 mth extension based on retirement using the 65k income method if you cannot do the 800k in bank method.

Thanks for the reply Zeus. I will look into it. Much homework to do. Many thanks  :thanks:

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