Temp residence card-Needed help and advice

I have been working in Vietnam for the past 1.5 years.

I was told 2 weeks ago that the company will not be renewing my contract.

This also means my temporary residence card will be cancelled.

However, to complicate things, I have purchased an apartment 3 to 4 months ago, thinking I will be here for a few years.

I am more inclined to lease my apartment at this moment as if i sell now, I will likely sell at a loss.

The apartment is very new and i would like to live in it but unfortunately things happen.

I do not feel like asking my company for help currently as I felt they have partially screwed me over with their sudden decision. 1 month notice is in the contract, i accept it but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth as they followed the contract exactly without giving me time to react.

I reckoned i need at least 2-3 more months in vietnam to settle my things in Vietnam with regards to my apartment rental.

How can i continue staying here in a valid manner.

please kindly advise. Concrete help will really be appreciated.

What is the term of your TRC? When is it last day?

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