Dependent pass transfer along with WP

My Wife is switching company.
Her current WP will be cancelled and applied in her new company.

Now her Dad has a DP along with her WP.
Can his DP also be applied new being in KL? Or will he be required to travel back to India and apply again from there?

Kindly throw some light!

When your wife's application for the new EP is processed, the employer could also submit an application for his "DP". He shouldn't have to exit Malaysia. I think a "no objection" letter will be required from the current employer concerning your father-in-law's "DP" (your wife will also need a NO Letter to change jobs - it's a type of consent/release statement).

Oh that's great! Thanks!
Her current HR said that he needs to travel back to India.

NOC will be provided for the WP.
So, DP also needs NOC?

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