Permanent Residency through SA graduates falling under Critical Skills


I graduated with a Masters degree from a reputable SA tertiary institute in 2016. My degree falls in the Critical Skills list. Am based in Nairobi, Kenya at the moment.

I read online that those who graduated with a degree from SA and falling under the critical skills list can apply for permanent residency direct. Is this true?

Here is the source: … areas.html

I wouldn't trust such immigration consultants on the face of it.

Is there anyone who succeeded in this, and if true how is done through VFS (they have myriad visa types!)

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The category of scarce or critical skills is no longer available.
However, there are other categories you might qualify for depending on
what it is you want to do. For instance, are you seeking to live and or work
in SA?

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To work. You are saying CSV has been scrapped? Any link? I obtained one in 2016 for one year.

DHA still has a page on it: … rk-permits


To assist  you guys I'm from India working here in South Africa for almost 5 yrs I worked in two companies here my experience I too got 2 times of rejection and finally got my approval . The fact is in South Africa they will reject your case 99% even if u fall under critical skills in fact iam a member of engineering council in South Africa I got SAQA NQF 7 certificate bla bla black everything and my employer was ready to give me any documents for visa processing but still they rejected me twice. The rejection was they told me bring trade certificate i went to trade test got passed then I applied then my visa got approved You ask why did u take so risk were as all these are not required in the critical visa check list ?  Because unemployment in South Africa is high and home affairs are lazy corrupted.. now from here I'm planning to go Germany to be frank in tired and sick off

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