Applying for temporary resident permit in Italy

Hello everyone!

I'm a Canadian citizen looking to apply for a temporary resident permit in Italy based on "elective residence".

I've read it can be done in Italy at the local post office or the Questura, however the Italian consulate in Canada insists on doing it through them.

Can someone clarify this?


I'm an American living in Italy but my job is in Canada. As far as I understand it, this type of visa is for people with financial means (€2,500+ per month income) and must be applied for through Italian consulate as many documents proving this are required. You also need to prove you have a place to live in Italy. Once you have the visa and you arrive in Italy, then you go to the post office to the Sportello Amico to get residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) forms that you present at the Questura. Not sure if you can gain access to Italian health system if you do not pay taxes but most provinces in Canada require six months and one day residence to maintain healthcare such as OHIP in Ontario. So keep that in mind.

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