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My wife and I will start our new life’s and jobs mid of this year in HCMC. I have customers to run my own consultancy business and I‘d like to learn about the process of firming a company as foreigner in HCMC.
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I started my own Marketing and Coaching Consulting company one year ago. It took about 6 weeks to get the Business license, then 10 days to get my residence card.
I am starting a 2nd company now.

What kind of consulting?

Thanks for your response. The company is planned as Consultancy for Footwear Design, Innovation and Engineering. I was told the process is very long and expensive, thousands of dollars and 4-6month until the government approves? Where do I apply for a business license and how much are the cost?
Do I have to apply for a resident card only if I firm my company or in general, and what are the cost for applying?  Thanks.

Business licence: 6 weeks, 1,700 usd for foreigners.

Residence card: 2 weeks max after getting your business licence.

You will need an accountant or legal firm to do this for you. I know several. Rule of the game for many Vietnamese is to rip you off.

I hear you ;) Thanks, these are really helpful information. Do I need a work permit to apply for
my business license or can I apply with as a private
person on travel visa?

No need of a work permit.
You have 3 months with your tourist VISA to get your residence card.

Perfect. Great to know! Would you mind to share with me one of your contacts, which are reliable and help me to not get ripped off when I run through those application processes with the government? And how difficult it is to follow up with red tape & bureaucracy & compliance involved with Vietnam company law, and Vietnam company tax?


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OceanBeach92107 :

When will you become an 'expert' at using the private message system?

Perhaps he needs to hire a consulting company.   :joking:

Hi, incase youre in need of Foreigner workers. I am willing to join your company.


Thanks for all your information Delafon and if you have time could you please PM some contacts for this?

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