Social security tax

Hi All,

I will be leaving Belgium in the coming months and some of my friend who is already living here told me that I can reclaim the social security that I have paid during my tenure. Is it possible to do that, if yes please tell me the procedure to do that. it will be of great help!!

The social security you paid covered your health care whilst present in Belgium.
If you're moving to another EU country, you might be able to transfer near retirement credits you've built up in Belgium.

[at]Currylover: Do you know what happens when someone belonging to a non-EU country returns to his/her own country after contributing to Belgium social security system for some months or years? Can they reclaim all that money in their country in their country's currency?

Is that a serious question?
If you exam what you were paying your social security for, you'll get your answer.
Research reciprocal agreements.

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