Expected wage for English teacher in Phnom Penh

Hi All, I am soon moving to Phnom Penh and am curious as to what wage I could expect to earn as an English teacher in an International or private school. I am a fully registered Teacher from Australia with 19 years experience (five years of which are teaching years 10, 11, 12 English with Education Queensland). Seven of these nineteen years were spent in the U.K. working in a secondary boys school teaching up to and including A level Psychology. In this time I also acquired my Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) which permits me to teach within the U.K. thus I am registered and qualified to teach both within Australia and the U.K.. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Asian Studies and a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education both from Australian universities. I have currently competed the theory component of a 120hour TESOL course but have still to finalise the prac. element. Finally, I am a native English speaker.
Any information regarding my prospects of employment and what I could expect in terms of a wage would be most appreciated. I have done some research but what I have read seems very variable.
Many Thanks.


Your last sentence is your answer. Variable it is, so nobody can give you a clear answer.

It's part of your adventure, you decided to live in third world country Cambodia and that is fine, plenty of happy expats living here.
But you have to find your way yourself.

As you might know there are a lot of expensive international schools, where you could earn more than in a local private school. So go for the international schools.

Visit them, drop off your CV with photo, try to get the name of the director or HR person, and call them for an interview. The more schools you visit, the more chance to get a job in a short time.

Also consider the large number of language institutes, for interesting wages in kind of part time.

Last but not least you could opt for tutoring on line. Many parents (specially Chinese) want their kids to get on line tutoring, either one-on-one or in small groups.  I have heard earnings of $20 per hour.

Good luck with your search.


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You may want to check with teaching recruitment agencies such as Teach Away or Seek Teachers websites for legitimate certified teaching jobs.  I know Teach Away has at least one up on their site right now.  Good luck!

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