Renting our Villa

Does anyone have any advise they could offer us regarding the best way to renting our villa out, good or bad advice would be gratefully received as we have never done this before

Many thanks

Sorry but I presume you mean you want to let your apartment to someone who will rent it from you
Good luck

Yes we do, but it wasn’t an advert it was just asking if anyone had any advice that they could offer for example whether to advertise or ourselves if so how or go through agency etc etc

I was just pointing out the difference between ‘letting’ and ‘renting.’

Often the terms are misused and when so, there can be confusion.  The tennant rents from the owner.   The owner lets to the tenant.

I think here you are seeking advice on letting your property to another, not you renting a property for you to live in

So advise as requested:  Advertise ‘property to let’

Idealista is the most widely used platform for renting or selling and I have seen plenty of owners advertise their properties without using agencies. Whether using agencies or do it your own also depends on how well you know the market, the process and the time availability. If you have the time and it's not too inconvenient, and you are confident with the process with the negotiation and contract etc,  you can try to advertise yourself for a little while and see how it goes, before considering getting the help from agencies. Good luck!

Johncar :

I was just pointing out the difference between ‘letting’ and ‘renting.’

This would, for native English speakers, be a 'grammar nazi' thing, and somewhat moot point, however, this forum is populated with non native speakers that might well be using less than accurate translator software or a good old fashioned translator dictionary.
That makes the distinction between the words more important as the reader might well come up with a misleading result.

As you said, a free advert in the housing section wouldn't hurt.

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