Language Schools in Southern Germany

Hi there...

I am in southern Germany near Lake Konstanz. I'm researching language schools in the area. So far, I'm looking at Procultus in Radolfzell, Inlingua in either Konstanz or Uberlingen, Humboldt in Konstanz as well as Sprachendienst Konstanz.

Does anyone have any knowledge on any of these schools? Experiences?

I am also open to any other suggestions or advice! Thanks in advance!

Usually the cheapest school option is at the local Volkshochschule (community college) which you will find in all of these cities. In addition, or say in between times other courses are offred, one can often find private tutors for around 15 to 18 Euros an hour. Some might agree to take on say 2 pupils at a time for 10 Euros each. Every University, say in Konstanz, will have a building with a pinboard where people offer such services or you can hang up an ad looking for someone. These will mostly be students of course and while the quality can vary, having a private tutor can be much more effective than being one of a dozen or more in a class room. One might also find tutors online or in some local newspaper classified ad sections.

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