Possibility of Relocation

Hello Everyone,

I maybe moving to Réunion this summer with my husband and two kids.  We are UK nationals currently living in Bordeaux.

I have a couple of questions regarding relocating over to the island and if you guys have any experiences, answers, it would be appreciated.

1. Does your CAF allowances just carry on the same or do I have to go through the whole nightmare of reapplying?

2. My husband will be looking for a part time job, he's a forklift driver and other machine based equipment that I don't remember the names of.  I think the port will be his best bet for a job or could anyone suggest anywhere else he could look?  French or English.

3. Schooling - my children would be attending a public school as they do here in France, are there any main differences that I should be aware of?

4. Surfing - my daughter has started to learn how to surf, with all the shark attacks is there a place where she can do this and be relatively safe?

5. Can anyone recommend a shipping company as we would like to send one pallet over of a few personal belongings?

I would also love to hear about your own personal experiences of moving to the island.  We've been in Bordeaux for two years now and I remember how difficult the first year was and want to try and make that transition as easy as possible!

I will be visiting the island in April, so if anyone would like to meet for a drink and an interrogation by me  please let me know!

Hi there!

I will be on the Island still in April, willing to meet up of course!
How long will you be around and where have you planned to be located?

I don't have much information to reply to all your questions though but i could share my knowledge about the area as a native.
I have no clue about the kids/caf and other stuffs, maybe ask to the office where you currently are to know the details while moving? Easier to know a bit about what you are talking about when you will land here.
For a job, maybe try to join this group on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1618869405047769/
The fact that you have been living in France already should help in my opinion, that said the life and state of mind are totally différent here.
You will just need to experience it to figure out your balance.


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