EP Stage 1 approval - can still be cancelled?


My visa processing in Malaysia is currently in progress, however,i receive an offer in Singapore.

I'm interested in Singapore offer, if my stage 1 visa in malaysia is already receive and i intend to go to singapore instead, can the malaysia visa possible t0 cancel still?
What are the other possible complications? My Malaysia employer might penalize me and i will be willing to pay .

Yes act quickly and decline the Malaysian job offer. You don't say how long ago the application was made in Malaysia to be able to understand how far it may have progressed and possible consequences.

Hello Gravitas,

I'm actually changing employer here in malaysia. So i got 2 offers(1MY&1 SG)  and the MY offer came earlier. Now my current EP is scheduled to be cancelled on April 10, the  new MY company is still requesting for MDEC Acknowledgement letter so my current MY company can cancel my visa.my old company just did the online cancellation this week (monday).

OK. A bit tricky as in any event you would need your EP shortened. You may end up going back to your home or another country if the SG processing is slow

If you are confident the SG immigration will go smoothly then I guess you must inform the new employer to stop the process

If shortening your EP because you are leaving the country it is a slightly different process as it requires proof of flight ticket on which the cancellation date is based.

The tax Leavers Certificate is also different when leaving the country and and you need to do tax clearance.

Thanks for the enlightenment. Just wondering, the flight ticket can be other country aside from home country? or should only be home country?

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