Is educational certificate is need to get dependent's pass

Hi guys

I have got my EP and now I want to start getting my wife's pass. When I applied I stated my wife has a bachelor degree (and of course she has).

So to apply for dependent's pass is providing the original educational certificate is needed? In this link there is no requisite for that but my sponsor has told me that it's needed. I'm confused now and I don't know I have to provide it or not.

I'm asking this because releasing certificates from university is a time consuming and expensive procedure so I prefer to skip it.

You need the documents listed on the MoM page to apply for the DP.
If MoM during the process needs additional documents, they will contact you or your employer.
But I recopmmend getting the degree certificate in any case - just saying "I have a degree" without being able to show a cert is not believable!

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