Bringing Staffordshire Terrier to Mauritius

Hi all
I work as an interior designer and procurement specialist in fixtures furniture and equipment. Mostly working within hospitality and residential projects.

I have been given an opportunity and am looking into this project but moving to Mauritius would mean bringing my dog a Staffie.

Can anyone help with an updated list of whether this breed is on a restricted list as I know things have changed in recent years regarding specifics of importing a dog (from S.A.)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

With thanks Caroline


There are 2 lists of dogs.

The first one is about dog breeds that you are not allowed to bring from outside.

The second list is about breeds that used to be on the first list but are now allowed under some conditions.

Unfortunately, I think the Staffordshire Terrier is on the banned list.

To be sure, I would suggest you give a call to the et department of the Ministry of Agro-industry in Mauritius.

Contact Person: Dr D MEENOWA
Position: Principal Agricultural Officer (Veterinary Services)
Tel: (230) 454 1016, 454 1017, 466 6662
Fax: (230) 464-2210
Email: moa-dvs[at]

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