Wanted Motorbikes 50cc Automatic for rent or sell

Hi..im looking for a 50cc automatic motorbikes for sale or rent which ever is within budget. Since will be
in ho chi minh for 6 mth and wanting it for transport just to and fro to werk. Cant possible survive on grabcar or grabbike everyday. Will be coming over by end march. Anyone happen to know or have and any other opinions reply me pls. Thank you. Only by end march will be at hcmc

I'm no motorbike salesman, but I'd imagine it'd be helpful if you said what your budget is...

Not really sure of pricing there but if its affordable y not. Dont have to be fancy or too nice just normal for transport during my stay. Minimal looks and good not excellent condition is fine. Still useable.

As a biker, I find your post slightly odd. Why the 50 cc bit? Most scooters are having >100 cc. And then there are the semi-automatics "Honda Wave" style of bikes which use about half the fuel. But you can't ride a motorcycle, can you? Can you handle shifting gears?

I bought a motor scooter: 125 cc, 4 million VND. Expect to spend another 2 million (full service, some new belts and bearings, new brake pads and tyres). Then I expect to sell it for the purchase price, losing 2 million on the upkeep.

Lots of scooters are for rent. Check Craigslist. But we are talking > 1 million a month. If you will stay 6 months, you might as well a) buy one and b) think about theft protection. Can you secure the scooter?

Closing, I really recommend taking a lesson or two before coming over and starting to hit the traffic in HCMC. Braking, riding an 8 and a circle, swerving to avoid a collision etc. ** A friend reported a tourist getting on a scooter, then opening the throttle and racing into the moat in Chiang Mai.

KruChris :

As a biker, I find your post slightly odd. Why the 50 cc bit?

Perhaps to avoid the need to have a Viet license.

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