What is going on??

Just wondering if other women have had similar experiences on this site.  I am a married
Woman, and it says so on my profile.  Lately I have been ascosted by men looking for a
Relationship.  The last time I checked this was not a dating site, but an opportunity to
Touch base with other expats living in a new country and learning to adapt to a new
Culture, no???  I am hardly, what you would call, available, lol, so what’s the deal here??

Just wondering if other women have experienced the same??

Don’t make friends with everyone. I watch their posts and subjects-  one can be a target anywhere - man or woman -

It’s everywhere. Maybe they can earn your affection, and then your money. Or maybe they just need to get a life 😁 ignore them and carry on.

No, Krista, something else is going on.  I just received another new contact request this morning,
And these are not duds.  It looks like someone has sold/given the member list of this group to
A dating site or something. 3 new contacts within a month?? Sheesh, I was single for 15 years
And never got this response.  Now, I am older, and married??.  Lol.

I got one too. syedabbas84. Pakistani expat in Kuwait. No messages, just a contact request so I don’t know why. I get a lot on Facebook too, mostly military guys. Once in a great while I ask and get something like - friends are a beautiful thing, you look so lovely I want to be friends... blah blah.... uh huh

I read once that it’s big business to befriend middle aged women who might be lonely or feel unappreciated and schmoose them until they get very attached, and then hit them up for money. There are women who have fallen in love with their fantom boyfriends, and continue even after they find the truth and the real owner of the face they thought was the guy (and are also out big bucks “helping” the guy).

It happens to guys too, seduced by a beautiful woman who makes them feel special. I have enough trouble keeping up with my real time friends, and I’m much worse with virtual friends, unfortunately

Mine were all from the states, 2 said, they were widowed, ??,
Don’t they have dating sites in America???  But then like you
Say, they are hoping to find the vulnerable....one of our renters
In Canada, originally from Columbia, would correspond with
Women on internet, mostly, he said because it gave him a chance
To improve his english writing skills, however didn’t necessarily want
To be communicating to complete flakes either.   Well, after 2 years,
The girl had a hard time keeping her story straight and he was no
Longer sure who he was communicating with, girl?. Guy???    He/she
Never wanted to meet in real life, lol.   Crazy world. I’ll just be using
The delete or block key more, !!!

These people are mostly scammers, visa hunters, and/or sex pests. The target expat sites because they're aiming at expats.

Please use the report function on the message page so these people can be removed from the forum.

It would be such a shame if this site degradates to something like a dating site.. My trust is that the "intruders" will be stopped!


Well, another single guy contacted me on this site., this time a photo with 2 nice looking
Kids,..apparently living in Aruba, from the Netherlands???  This time I was a confrontational
In my reply. 😊.  I could start my own match making site,  for women who truly are available,
And would like a relationship, lol.

Dang, you are magnetic! Seriously, I dunno, seems like you are getting more than your share of them

, I think so too, where were they all, when I WAS available
For 15 yrs. after my 1st marriage ended??.  Lol.  :lol:

More than likely they are African romance scams. There probably is no 'nice guy from Aruba'. They happen all over the world including Thailand. Notice here in this one it was a Nigerian pretending to be a 'Western man'.
https://thethaiger.com/news/bangkok/nig … mance-scam

panamachick :

Well, another single guy contacted me on this site., this time a photo with 2 nice looking.

Please use the PM report function - this is unacceptable as so many of these people are scammers, so they will be banned in order to protect other members.

The anti spam system gets most of them, but some slip through

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