Make Malaysia My Second Home

Hi there I am an Indian national above 55yrs and working as a professor of English in Libya since2007 and I am planning to go in for the Program Make Malaysia My Second Home....I would like to get in touch with an Indian National who has recently moved in and settled in Malaysia by this Scheme .
Ms.Shobhaa Jagtap

Sorry dont think there are many settled Indian expats. Plenty of other nationalities though.

Thank you. If you come across any such person please message me.

There are quite a few who have chosen Penang as their destination and there are Facebook groups for KL, Penang and Malaysia which would probably connect you to these people. It seems quite often they are families with children who are then educated here rather than retirees. They have offshore income too so the no-work clause is not arduous.

The general gripe that seems to put Indian citizens off a chance of a lifetime is the requirement to place the Fixed Deposit as even though interest bearing they don't like the terms involved. I've even read about Indians who get approved then don't take up the mm2h visa which I personally don't really understand why they applied. For me it was future proofing my options.

Most other mm2h applicants see it as a small price to pay having to park some cash. But it will always be a personal decision whether the sacrifice is worth the lifestyle. Unfortunately most can only answer that question after living in Malaysia.

I've seen this discussion already on this forum in one of the mm2h threads if you care to search around.

Thank you. since I have been working as a professor in the Middle East and being single I would like to retire in KL.Malaysia and the deposit requirements can been met with because it just me. I am looking for some first hand information from an Indian national or other national settled there in this scheme MMSH.

Try Facebook groups
Indian Expats in Malaysia
Indian Expats in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia runs on Facebook!!

Thank you.

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