I wonder is someone can advise me about the different districts, I´m about to rent but first I want to assure which are my best options, or the different things around the district or the noisy places, etc... Strategicaly the best prices, transports and connections.

Thank you!!!


Hard to say where it is quiet exactly.
You can have that one neighbor that loves to blast their tv or stereo at all hours although you are paying to live in a nicer area.
If possible visit your intended home both day and night, ask who is who as far as what sort of neighbors you have.
No way to really say, a good neighbor can move away, die or sell out and then you have to finish out your lease with whoever moves in.
If you'll be working or going to school, you might consider how many connections you must take by public transportation to get there from where you rent.
If there is a place to buy groceries near by or not is also something to think about.
Pull out a city map or GPS and see how many stops you would have to use daily , some people don't mind traveling 20-30 mins a day and others do.
Just be sure to have your lease fully understood before signing the dotted line.
Some managers will add things such a common costs to your monthly rent, know what your signing and what you can expect as far as refunds when you move out at some point.
Some landlords hold all the cards and may not give back all of your deposit when moving time arrives.
Double check if you must repaint, or do anything extra to get back your full deposit.
We were going to rent a nice apt. in the 5th on Vaci Utca several years ago for a short term lease.
The flat had no stove or washer in it.
The landlord told us to just buy new ones and they would take it off the rent, no way, why didn't they have the place ready before taking renters?
Make sure you have everything in order before moving in and handing over any funds.
Once they have your deposit then you may not be as able to get ahold of them in the future.
Take photos of the floors, walls etc. before moving in so when your lease is up they can't claim damages that you didn't do.

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