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Hello expatriates,

Can any please help  me validation some employers profile in Bahrain.
Recently one of my close friend landed one job offer from the company name redx industries  or downtown group. And in no time he directly reach out to me and ask to clarify some terms and conditions mentioned in the contract offer. And I was like well I all have to check With my friend in Bahrain then only we will be able to make final conclusions.

So here are some ultimemt concern from the contract.

1. Does redex industry / downtown group is same company..?

2.in particular do they e pay salary on time..?

3.how is there management and working environment..?

4.What kind of accommodation and transportation facilities they offer to their employees.?

5.what kind of project they are currently working on.?

6.do they offer attractive packages for new hiring..? And so.

Although I have many question to ask about this company but for a moment let's us first get the answer for all above 6 questions.

Your answers is highly appreciated.


Unless someone here works there, I doubt you will get answers to your question.  I have seen the RedX symbol on construction equipment so assume that is the company you are referring to?

To actually check out a company, suggest to check out Glassdoor.  It is a site where employees post reviews on companies as well as salary information.

EDIT:  A quick check on Ministry of Industry and Commerce website shows that RedX and Downtown are separate companies.  But they share one common owner (out of 2 listed for each).

Thank you for response. And you are correct they are in construction business and share the one common owner.

But my question is like do they have separate management both companies.

Which is better if we compare between redx industries and downtown group construction.

Yes gus any one out there who is or was associated with this company can answer the questions in length. Appreciate any lead and response on this matter.


Wait and see if anyone responds.

Sure. Thankyou again.

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