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I am currently residing in India and my employer applied for my work permit type B.I was informed by my employer that my work permit has been approved but my work permit has been misplaced or much time it takes to get duplicate work permit ?


No idea. Your employer should get a timeline from the Ministry Or the local administration where they collected the WP from.

Thanks Aneesh for quick response  :)

I have one last question I hope you will help me to clarify my doubt on this:

Does Belgium embessy approve visa application based on scanned copy of approved work permit in some special cases?

I need to travel any how by 1st April and my duplicate work permit was requested by my employer on 8th March 2019.


No, they need physical work permit normally,. But you can give it a shot, You can ask your employer to provide you a letter addressed to the consulate, stating that your WP is misplaced and they had applied for a duplicate and it is needed that you travel on the mentioned date and requesting the consulate to make an exception.  If they can also attach any reference they received for the request they made for duplicate, and a copy of the WP, copy of original WP approval, that may suffice. But I am not sure.. Thinking from another angle, it is worth waiting for the duplicate copy of WP, rather than complicating things with your application.  Issuing a duplicate has not to go through any approval process - so I assume it wont take long for your employer to get a duplicate copy. Also, as it is your employer who misplaced the WP, they must be ok to extend your start date and you can negotiate to get their help in rescheduling your ticket.

Thanks Aneesh for the guidance in stressful situation like this  :)

I got my duplicate work permit on 25th March in India (Belgium team received it within a week after requesting on my behalf).I hope it will help someone 😀


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