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Hi everyone,

I am an App Developer from South Africa. I desperately want to work in Oman. I have over 7 years experience in my field, a BSc degree in Computer Science and I am a very hard working go getter.

I joined Naukrigulf and have applied to over 25 jobs. Still I have not even been looked at by the employers. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong, my profile is 99% complete (I'm not sure where that 1% is missing). It can't be my CV or experience because I'm not even getting any views on my profile.

I was wondering if anyone here might have some advice on getting noticed or maybe just general advice on finding Software jobs in Oman as an expat? I have already posted a job profile for myself here on

Thank you in advance.


Hi mrkvanzyl,

All of these job portals are quite useless. Naukri Gulf, Monster, Bayt and a whole of more of such job portals are pure money making businesses.

They contact the registered users and will push hard for them to buy their 'premium' services like 'resume writing', 'resume blasting' and all such gimmicky services.

The hit rate of these services is way too low. And to land a plum job through these portals are next to nil. So please do not pin your hopes on landing a job through these portals.

You should look at the online editions of the daily English newspapers in Oman and be on the lookout for any suitable vacancy ads. As soon as you see one, apply.

Also, do a search for the kind of companies you would want to work for. Go online and apply in their websites under 'careers'. You stand a far better chance of landing a job if you approach an organisation directly than through a job portal, or worse still through any job consultant or headhunter.

Remember, any middleman or third party that is involved in finding a job for you means you are going to get conned and cheated. So be very careful.

To add onto that, create a linked in profile and connect directly with the companies there.  Quite a few jobs in your field are advertised on LI.

Also be aware of the expat hiring ban on some professions in Oman.   I believe computer programmer and computer engineer are restricted for the time being to locals only.  Check out the list online.

Thanks @Sumitran! That is such invaluable advice, and I really needed to hear it.
This process can leave you so dispondent at times and it is really great to have people like you helping the rest of us with your experience.

@XTang that is also very good advice, thank you.
I now know to look more into that ban and consider how that affects my chances.

P.s. I did get called by the Naukrigulf "value added services" people multiple times and they were extremely pushy, I'm glad I didn't fall for it. I really hope this thread will help other people avoid the same situation.

Hi mrkvanzyl,

I am really glad to note that you did not fall for NaukriGulf's rosy, pink false promises. Else you would have kissed your precious money goodbye !

Stay as far away as you possibly can from them - for your own safety.

'XTang' has mad some very pertinent points which you should seriously consider, the hiring ban notwithstanding. Definitely, your chances of landing a job would be better through LinkedIn.

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