New to Malta.. how to find a decent apartment

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This is Fatima from Lebanon, currently based in Beirut and relocating to Malta beginning of May. The whole move is stressing me out already as I don't know where I will stay at the beginning and how to find a decent accommodation in the areas Valletta, Pieta or Floriana. Been checking different sites and sent agents different messages but still haven't received any reply yet!! Any  idea of how I can reach owners directly or a good agent?

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When I was moving to Malta, roughly 6 month ago, I had also tried to contact agents while still being in my home country but it was all in vine. The real estate market here is hot and at the high season it is difficult to find a rent for a reasonable price. Also, due to the poor regulation and abundance of different kind of scammers it is not advisable to sign any agreements or pay money until you actually view the place.  It took me around 2 weeks to find a rent after I moved here.

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Will check out the site and see what I can do. I was aiming at having some options and advice from agents, and to set up meetings so that everything is ready for me when I physically get there in order to have a smooth transition. Do you think calling any of the agents will put me in a better position to get any responses?

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As mentioned on here many, many times you need to visit agents in person as many of the properties advertised are not actually available, you need to come over and have a good look around and then visit agents, have you visited Malta?
You are wasting your time emailing them as they never answer.

HI Gozo, no never visited Malta before. Thanks for the advice.

It won't harm if you do so, I recon. I called, sent emails to agents and whatnot but I can't say that it really helped me.
In my case, I was looking for a small rent for one person under 1k EUR. And this kind of rent is very popular here, so once such offering gets into agencies databases you have to rush to do the viewing because it won't stay on market for a long time if it is any good.
I have not tried to find a rent directly without agencies here because it looked a lot more risky to me. My employer gave me a list of agencies deemed to be trustworthy and one of that agents finally found me a good option and we sealed the deal.

In Malta, when you find a rent though an agency the estate agent acts as a witness to the agreement when you and land lord are signing it. In Malta, it is very important to have a proper rental contract for at least 6 months when you do residence paperwork or open a local bank account.

HI Koko, do you still recall the names of the real estate agencies you connected with?

There's a website with direct contact details of property owners called  It's not incredibly popular but I found my last apartment on there and it gets maybe an update or 2 a day with a new property.

Or this one if you want to rent directly from owner.

Malta Park is ok, however, you will find a lot of "agents" on there still. People will post apartments on there and just send their friend over as the "agent" so you still pay the fees. Sometimes you will find a good property directly from the owner though so it's worth checking, just be prepared to filter through a lot of sh*t first.

I cant thank you enough guys for your help :) That was super useful.

As someone who despises the preying nature of agents, I found my apartment in Pieta by walking around the streets in just under two days. There was a notice for sale on an apartment, I called, the owner (who mainly lived in the neighbour island of Gozo) answered, and convinced her not to sell but to rent :)

It helps to zone in on the area you prefer living in and then speaking to the local butcher, grocery guy etc. Until then you can live temporarily in an airbnb.

That was LUCK :) Hope i can do that and be that lucky!

Uhm no, not luck. I covered real estate as a journalist so was familiar with the concept. If you have difficulty getting through to the agents try exploring the area closer to your work by yourself and ask around.

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