S pass or Employment Pass

Hi. Im thinking to working back to Singapore due some private issue. I am an indonesian with 32 years old.
I had working in singapore from 2012 to 2017 with EP.  i left singapore for 2 years alrd. Then now i want to looking for job in Singapore again. My employer applied me an S pass and got rejected last week (waiting exactly 3wks). Do you think is it better to appeal or apply the EP? I checked SAT tools both EP and SP eligible for me.

The best course forwards depends on the reason for rejection (which you didn't mention and may not know).
Read existing threads about this topic to get an idea what it could be!

The employer only told me : that the rejection letter said look for another candidate. Which chances got bigger, appeal or apply EP?

When MoM says look for another candidate, then no matter you apply EP or S pass, result would be rejected.

In past MoM says same to most of Indonesians. Better try in another country. Good luck

Surya is right, unfortunately: Don't waste your time on an appeal or new application - better spend it applying for jobs elsewhere.

Is there any reason, why nowadays MOM not welcoming any Indonesian?

Singapore generally prefers people who fit the racial mix, thus Chinese Indonesians have it easier, and posess skills that the Singapore economy needs.

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