Hi i have a friend from riyadh who wants to visit bahrain by air..
What he needs to do aside from gettng an exit re entry and booking ticket RUH-BAH-RUH?
I heard he is not eligible on visa on arrival bec of low profession in his iqama.

If he is not eligible for visa on arrival, then he needs to apply for a visa in advance.

So how we can apply for visa on advance? Thanks for ur reply


Or through a sponsor such as a company, hotel, airline or tour operator.

Thanks for ur urgent reply. Do u know some travel agency who can provide visa assistance to bahrain? From riyadh

Google document clearing agencies Bahrain.  There are quite a few.

Hi sorry to bother you, i google some agencies bt they only one ensure me that they can help, one more thing is the easiest i heard os booking hotel rooms, do u know someone who did it and got approved? Philippine passport

Many people. Irrespective of passport. Hotel sponsors visa in that case.

Your quick reply is much appreciated. If hotels will sponsored is ot true that it can be processed within the day? Sorry i had to asked lots of questions.

Depends on the hotel but yes.

Oh thanks so its much easier and fast through hotel booking. I will try it. Bec in travel agency will take 5 to 7days

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