Hii . I just wanna ask how safe is bahrain for a Filipina worker ? Thank you

What is the background for the question?

Safe vs. what?  safe as in what?

You need to specify what your question really is.

On an overall basis, the GCC countries are much much safer for everyone vs. many other places in the world.

Safe for working ? Safe for mens ? Or something unessesarry .

I was about to go there for work actually , but having a trouble on my parents blessing because they heard unusual stuff like killing or abuse and mistreat by a friend which a worker there before . And now they want me to stop everything , like easy pat . And me , I Dont like because I'm almost there , I work hard for this before I got everything in places . But at the same time I dont want to go w/o their notices . And I understand that they care about me and worried for my safety . So yeah that's why am asking how much safe to stay and live in Bahrain for work .

Look what you need to understand is that almost all of the GCC countries, including Bahrain are much much safer from the perspective of crime vs. your home country.  You are more likely to be a victim of crime while strolling through metro manila vs. in this part of the world where muggings and so on are pretty much unheard of.

The issue which i think you are referring to is the mistreatment of domestic workers by sponsors.  That is by no means the general practice and is not something that is acceptable.  When it does happen, there are legal rights and remedies to address that.

Thank you so much for your response , I find you really good on giving advices and information.  I just hope everything for me there be well.

It really depends on what are you looking into here in bahrain.
If its plain work then it will be ok, follow rules then youll be at peace.
If another agenda that harmed you then it will be trouble.
Men are always men if women dont make any provacative moves to get mistreated.
Bahrain is safe place but some other nationalities travel to this place.
Dont get hooked with money it will be very nasty

Thank you! I'm already in bahrain for 1months and days already.

welcome to our small island , enjoy your stay here


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