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Does anyone have any idea how many days does it take fr MOE to send final offer letter after submitting all documents?

I submitted mine yesterday and I think we should expect to get the final contract in 2 months, probably a bit earlier

Hey thanks. Are u sure it takes abt 2 months because I was told mobilization date is 24th March.

When did you have the interview? I had it on the 23rd of February, I received the offer letter the 7th of March, and I was told the official contract will be issued in 3-4 weeks, let's say 2-3 weeks from now. Who told you about the mobilization date? Do you already have your official contract?

The interview was in Jan initial offer in Feb. My consultant told me abt the date but post that there has been no update. Everyone has been telling me that since there are a lot of teachers they are taking time to verify documents. I have not received the official contract yet but I am worried since the mobilization date is near.
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