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I'm co-founder of a real estate website that gets 55,000 visits/month, hundreds of foreigners contact us monthly as they want to buy real estate in APAC (primarily in Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand).

I currently look for a Singapore (or Hong Kong) based real estate agent/company that can take care of the 400-500 inquiries we get from potential property buyers monthly.

What we need to find:

*An international agent that has a presence in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. The agent should preferably also have a presence in Indonesia, Korea, japan, and/or China.

*The agent should have good connections with local developers and real estate agents (where needed) that can consult buyers, send information about new projects, and visit projects with the buyers on-site.

Our business model is lead generation which means that we funnel leads to agents and receive a part of the commission made during a sale.

I would be grateful if anyone can recommend any Singapore based real estate agent that can help with the above. I've tried to contact PropNex and Huttons Asia, but without any replies so far.

These are big corporations, especially the first mentioned. Thus, we can work with a smaller agent if needed.

If you're an international agent yourself, and fits the above profile, you can PM me.

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Hi Marcus,

I invite you to post your advert in appropriate section here :
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