Extension of Representative Office after 3 years

Good Day,

I am seeking for some advice regarding a representative office. My company has had a representative office (RO) in Singapore for 2.5 years which is just 6 months away from the maximum period of 3 years granted for RO in Singapore. After this, we need to either set up a branch or subsidiary, or leave Singapore. 

We are waiting for feedback on some important tenders/projects before we want to make the decision of either staying in Singapore with a subsidiary, or leave Singapore. I saw on the Enterprise Singapore website an option to request an "Interim Extension", I am wondering if we could use this to have a 3 months extension before we can make a decision but I am not sure if our reasons are a valid reasons to request for an extension.

Has anybody here already applied for an interim extension? Do you know how it works? Would would you recommend for our company?

Thank you for your help  :)

It is unliklely that you find somebody with first-hand experience about this on an Internet forum.
So you better ask Enterprise Singapore or your incorpoiration service provider for advice.
If you want to improve this forum, you are welcome to post the results here afterwards.

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