How to find good house helpers in The Philippines

Maybe many of you have find a way to hire good and trusty people and if so please share the secret...
We decided that after 2 years of living here it was time to hire someone who can help us around the house but so far it has been a little frustrating.
In theory finding a helper shouldn’t be a problem due to lots of people looking for a job, but it is! And finding a good one seems to be like finding a needle in a haystack.
In 6 months I have gone through two helpers, they start very good and after they feel secure in the position they start to take lots of naps, asking for a lot of days off (on top of their regular ones), asking for salary advances, constantly on the phone, texting they won’t be coming to work out of the blue, saying yes to anything you said but then doing exactly the opposite or not doing it at all (I think this is because majority of locals will say yes to you even though they didn’t understand you).
My first helper was very good in cleaning and cooking but didn’t really had a very good relationship with my daughter (12) they were like sisters fighting all the time and got really sick of the finger pointing. I don't need this kind of stress in my life and honestly, I was expecting a more adult response from a person who’s older than me. So, we found helper #2 and all was kinda good. Through her we discovered that the first one was stealing from us, food from the pantry and money assigned to buy stuff for the house. #2 started very good and very promising but soon she started to be more and more interested in her phone and less in the household. We let it slip because she took care of my daughter’s need, not as good as in the beginning but I was glad she acted like an adult and that I could trust her. She was not so hardworking like the first one, but I could trust her and I would take that over anything in a heartbeat. Sadly, not so long ago she was diagnosed with hypertension and had to stop working. And now I’m looking for helper #3...
I have interviewed several, but still don’t know how to hire a new one this time. They all look good (as my 2 previous ones) and I’m not fond of letting strangers in my home, we’re very private.
Any tips or advise on how to hire for house helpers would be really appreciated.

No advice, sorry.  It seems there is always a problem so we don't use helpers.  My GF just does it all except I help with the cooking, and we take some of the laundry out. We have two boys and they create a lot of laundry.

Thanks for your response! Unfortunately, I need to hire one since I decided to go back to work. Before that, we didn’t need a helper but now it’s more like a necessity rather than a luxury since our work schedules conflict a lot with my daughters school one.
Guess I’d have to keep my fingers crossed once again...

To overcome your set of problems, make your own rules and discuss while hiring the maids. For example, no advances; no work, no pay;; no use of mobile while working etc. Such rules have generally worked for me. I learnt from my own experience and devised my own rules. Rest is luck, my dear. All the best!

I’ve done that, works for a little while and then... anyway. Thanks for the advice :)

Hire hourly

Welcome to the Philippines!  One of the most corrupt countries in the world!  DO NOT let prospects know you are a money tree, I mean foreigner which to many there is no difference. You are rich and have while they do not so it is ok to "borrow".  You will have the best probability with family members, even if extended family.  If your wife is Philippino have her do all of the face work.    The start out great but slack off later is one of the top 3 complaints about Philippino workers by international companies.  Sorry to paint a bleak picture,  As in all things human there is no statement that is 100% true.  Just remember the odds of a good employee are like Vegas odds, stacked against you.

We are very fortunate.  We have 2.  One for inside and one for outside with my wife's massive garden.  Inside cooks & cleans.  They have both come and gone...........then came back with a new attitude and appreciation for the way my wife (The Boss) treats everyone.  If I had to do a search, I'd probably go down to a Church and speak with a Priest to learn of someone desperate for work.  Would the Priest please bring that person to my home and vouch for them?  You can teach how to's, but your correct - If you can't trust them, you don't need them!

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