Moving to Singapore . Visa for family

Hi together,

First: Hello, my name is Patrick and I have my own business (Marketing).
My wife decided to study in Singapore. She got excepted at the university. I founded a new Ltd in Singapore now. Now we have some questions about a visa:

My wife get a study pass visa for the three years of study. But what we have to apply for?

Child 1: we will looking for an preschool place when we are in country.
Child 2: we will find an nanny because its still to young for preschool.

Me: I have my own business and want to pay me a salary of more than 8000 SGD. My clients sitting worldwide.

Do you have any advice?



The Entrepass is the visa type meant for situations like yours.
Read about it here:
You might want (or even need) professional help from a incorporation service provider to get everything done.
For the kids, you need to apply for DP after your Entrepass is granted.

Your wife cannot sponsor a visa for you or the kids while on a student pass. So it all hinges on you.

Thanks for your response.

Do you have any advice for an good agency?
Is it a problem when I already founded the company?

Best regards

I have no first hand experience and my information might not be up to date:
Rikvin and Hawksford (GuideMeSingapore) used to be the most reputed (but certainly not cheapest) incorporation and visa service providers.
Please come back and post your experience here, so others can be better advised in future!

To set up business, you need to know the local law’s and it’s pros & cons. These are few well known legal firms who provide this services. You may individually reach out through their emails, they are always responsive to provide you as per your requirements. Fees may vary, so you may liaise with the best. Good luck

1. Allen & Gledhill. ...
2. Rajah and Tann. ...
3. Wong Partnership. ...
4. Drew and Napier. ...
5. Rodyk and Davidson. ...
6. Allen & Overy. ...
7. Harry Elias Partnership
8. Collin Ng & Partners

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