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Hi team,

Please help me on following query. I am currently with my mom. she came Feb 8 and visa is valid till 10 Mar. I thought of taking her back home on Apr 19. So instead of extending online, I went to ICA on Mar 5th and requested for 40 days extension. ICA office was not so nice and she gave the extension only till Apr 5. Now I don't know how to extend till Apr 19. so that I myself will take my home. Some of my friends suggesting to go to JB for a day and comeback to get extension, will this work out? Please advise. Since Apr 19 is holiday and I can take her myself

1. ICA officer already given her visa extension to April 05. Arrange her back to home country. The most convenient way.

2. Try what your friends told, if at JB immigration officer allowed another extension then you are lucky. If not, then be prepared for the difficulties as either you have to arrange sending her back from there OR stay 5 days in Malaysia then try again but chances are slim.

3. Online extension was the most preferred way to apply, you may try. Chances are (again) slim.

But, I would suggest chose the option 1. You can send her back on any weekend, if you don’t want to take leave from office. Good luck

Note: ICA don’t give 40 days extension without any strong reason.

Thanks Surya. Thanks for your time. If I take her on 29 Mar to JB, Worst case  can she be allowed inside to Singapore till Apr 5, so that I can take her on weekends or will she be denied entry?.

Is it worth trying ? applied for Malaysia visa yesterday.

I don't want to take risk as she needs to travel back here in 3 months later for one more month.

I think you have no idea on how visa extension given. The basic rule is once a tourist steps out of Singapore then the existing days to stay in Singapore is nullified. So, in your mother’s case, there won’t be any validation of April 05, once she steps out.

Either she will get visa extension (number of days depends on immigration officer) or can be denied to enter.

You should ask yourself whether it’s worth to move around an old person here and there for the sake of few more days visa extension!

Hi Surya. Thanks For advice.

Booked tickets on Apr 5 and taking my mom back. Do not want to challenge systems here. let's go with wind.

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