Leaving before contract expires

    Because of the rude nature of employer am planning to leave my job and return to the home country without saying a word or resignation letter to the employer.Am  actually leaving before my contract expires,Can my employer can take a leagel action against me when once I reach home country?

The employer can make a report to immigration.

So what the immigration do @Gravitas

Is there any chances of facing leagal complications when am in home country?

It's not a good idea to have any negative immigration records and getting blacklisted in Malaysia due to absconding would be considered that. For example when applying for visas or on landing cards there is often this type of question.

Income tax needs to be sorted out as well. The tax and immigration databases are linked. You are required to cancel your work permit if you wish to leave employment.

Check your contract of employment for any legal recourse the company may have, for example concerning reimbursement of immigration fees.

I have only worked less than 60 days here, So there is there any problems with income tax come when I leaves the country

And what if I don’t wish to enter this country again

As you have an ongoing contract of employment for tax year 2019, regardless of how long you have been in Malaysia, you still must pay 28% tax on the pay you have received because you are non-resident.

Don't spoil your personal good name over an argument. The employer may not do anything, but if they decided to make trouble it is not good to have issues dragging behind you as never know when they will return to haunt you.

If there is any chances of stucked in immigration if I tell them am just going for a leave

Can I cross the immigration without paying taxes?

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