interested in relocating to Malaysia

Hi, I have been living in Kenya for the past ten years and feel a change is needed. My research has led me to Malaysia.
I have booked a flight to look around in this May 2019, my intention is to stay a couple of nights in KL, and then go to Penang for 5 nights, Maleka for 5 nights and back to KL for the last two nights.

I am British, active, turning 65 in May, single, and reasonably sociable (grumpy old men) . I need to live near a beach, preferably on the beach! With a golf course within a short drive?

I need help with finding an area that is not too busy. Accommodation can be anything with 2 bedrooms. Condo, house, apartment etc. Budget is flexible for the right property, around 3500 myr, unfurnished?

I have furniture and a car to ship from Kenya, so unfurnished is beat or maybe part furnished?

If all goes well I would relocate this year.

many thanks

Malaysia has a retirement visa called Malaysia my 2nd Home which enables stays in Malaysia.

In Penang, Tanjung Bungah has a beach and is popular with Expats. Your property budget is fine for a seaview condo in that part of town. In fact anywhere down to Gurney Drive.

The golf course is a 20 minute drive away.

Malaysia runs on Facebook and there are several groups for penang and KL. In PG try Penang Island Community or Expats in Penang etc.

KL and Malacca have less developed retirement communities than PG

Good luck to you. May all things will fall into place :-). Same quest here

Google... Tembeling Resort Kuantan.

hi there, just going through the ads on this forum, quite interesting some of them.  I am not looking for a gent so please dont get wrong impression. lol.  I currently live in johburg but want out as this country has become unlivable.  I am orginally from london but lived in SA for a number of years.  I used to work in the casino world.   Could write a book actually on my crazy life.  I am now in my 60s and want to live in Malaysia.  I am currently a massage therapist and visit age homes and fix the old ladies hair nails.  I have loved SA all my life but we have serious problems here with load shedding etc.
I intend visiting KL in april sometime just to look around at property to rent, one or two beds, i also have my littel dog too that will come when i find out where i want to stay permanently .  I also want to do some kind of work when living there, hope that wont be difficult.  bye now Lyn.

Looloo17 Check visa requirements as first step. There are Malaysian my second home (Mm2h) programmes for peninsular Malaysia plus Sarawak and Sabah

You can also check property rentals by looking at online portals such as or

You might want to consider Damai Beach in Sarawak which has a golf course and is near the beach. It's about half an hour outside Kuching, and generally would require a car (though there are shuttles) if you wanted to do things in Kuching. It's close to nature, has spectacular views, is near a marina, and is close to a food court, some small shops, but is devoid of malls and supermarts.

There is a group of Commonwealth expats that are always looking for additional linksmen. One is a fellow ex-Kenyan named Colin (grew up there until his twenties) and another Nigel...from NZ.

Here's an example, but shop around. … n-26920934

Another useful site for those thinking of immigrating to Malaysia is the Malaysian forum of

Be aware that Sarawak and Sabah have slightly different regulations and you must apply in those States  for their own programs.

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