building retirement home

HI everyone,

I am new to the forum. I just bought some land in Cayo district, and I am now researching build options. I like the idea of using local hardwood. Anyone know of good builders, will need a project manager on site as I am abroad. The house is off grid and will need solar, ceptic tank, etc. Anyone has experience of using the builders at Spanish Lookout?

Do I need cement posts as oppose to timber?

I hear cement posts are the way to go.... lasts longer.

Thats the way we went

Be careful. There's some reports that certain builders use natural hardwoods that are dried, only to find 6-8 months later cabinet and doors don't close, flooring cups and other problems.

If you know who these builders are you need to name them. I used two local builders for my houses and they were both great and have had none of the problems you mention. Local Builders know the country and its climate so tend to get it right.

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