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Hi anyone here has an idea how long time waiting ,. I applied fiance visa last January 22,2019. UDI sent me mail that my residence permit is waiting to be processed. How long can it be? Thanks

Hi Cher.jai,
I have applied fiance visa on November 23 and still no result yet.
But I did some inquiry direct to Udi and I got response from them yesterday.

We refer to your enquiry dated 4th March 2019.

this application is still with the Embassy, so if you want more informastion you have to contact them.

I started to worry and it's really confusing I just wish that they can able to give the right answer soon because waiting is the hardest part and it really makes me crazy to check my emails everyday.

God bless us!

Hello cher Jai. Mine is spouse visa application, I'd applied it last Feb 28, 2019 and got a message from UDI That my residency visa granted. That took only 7 days for me to got the result. Hope u have ur result positively .🙏

Hei sissy,
Any news from your application?
I'm approximately 4 months waiting and still now there is no result yet😢

Hello sis, the last time they sent me email was on February 23,I'm still waiting .almost 2mos. Now

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