My husband has been offered an amazing opportunity in Cebu. We have lived in 7 different countries and I’m very sick of moving. We also want to start a family next year. We were considering London or Europe but now this has really thrown a spanner in the works. I am an English Tutor and artist and always enjoyed work and have done very well.

I heard foreigners can’t work in Philippines?

How is it for families? I’ve lived in 3rd world and busy Asian cities and I don’t imagine it’s great for young children.

Any advice much appreciated


You cannot take a job that could be done by a Filipino.  Count on being a mother rather than awage earner.  Life can be cheap in the Philippines if you are willing to live like a Filipina.  Don't know where you have been, but most find Cebu quite hot and humid.

Dubai, China, Australia, Cambodia. I'm an English teacher so think I'll be fine.

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