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We sent our passports in with our package to the Toronto Consulate.  We picked them up in person the day before we flew to POP.  Nothing like cutting it close!  We also took the 4 hour drive 2 weeks before to personally put pressure on the Consulate. They said there was nothing they could do to speed things up, but as we were leaving the city late that afternoon, we received a call from them saying our Visas were approved!  Polite, but persistent, was my methodology.

As for the RCMP check, it was handled by our local City Police, but sent to the RCMP.  Easy-peasey, and results inside of 2 weeks.

On March 21st the Embassy emailed us that our visas are in the mail, so that makes the turnaround on our passports just over six weeks.

On March 21st the Embassy emailed us that our visas are in the mail, so that makes the turnaround on our passports (in the US)  just over six weeks. Our family doctor wrote a very brief two-sentence letter on his letterhead that 1) he had seen us, 2) we were in good health, and 3) we had no contagious diseases. He even went to his bank to get the letters notarized for us!  Very decent.

Have you been to Santo Domingo to process your final residency visas?  Gary. 😟🇨🇦

For those needing the repatriation insurance,  here is a link: … igratoria/

Just a little clarification to avoid confusion.  Visa and residency are 2 separate processes.  Although it all seems like one because it leads to a common goal, try to think of it completely separate.  What they tell you and they require in Canada for your VISA, is not usually what they tell you and what is required in Santo Domingo.   Be aware of both and then supply as much documentation (even more than they ask for) as you can (be generous and organized).  Purchase additional original documents because you won't get any of them back from Santo Domingo.  As Planner mentions, be aware of the  repatriation insurance requirement.  Always have additional copies available when you go to Santo Domingo and all of your originals.  Then hold onto your hat and take a ride...Good luck.

We just went to Santo Domingo on Tuesday to continue our Residency application.  Arrived at 9:30am to meet our lawyers' local contact.  She already had a ticket in hand from the Information desk.  She tookm our passports and we waited to be called up to a window.  Within an hour she was called up, handed them our passports, and waited a bit.  She was told we were approved, and we had to wait 2 hours for the authorization.  We went for lunch, and back to Immagration just after noon. We handed over the cash required by the government, and we were out the door before 1pm.  A short drive and we arrived at the medical building for chest Xrays, a very brief medical interview (5 questions? Maybe 6?), and blood withdrawl for HIV, and drug testing.  On our way home on the 3:30 bus.  So far, so good, and we'll keep our fingers crossed.  Our contact spoke no English (which is strange), and we speak a little Spanish, some are not too sure of the next steps. We know it will involve more waiting, and maybe a return trip to Santo Domingo to pick up our newly minted Cedulas.  I hope we can get them mailed, or on the bus, but we will see what happens.  If we do return, I will make a point to bring pants, and my wife will bring a top with sleeves, as a sign says we can't go passed security, to get pictures takes, if necessary,  wearing shorts, flip flops, miniskirts, tank tops, or without sleeves.  Better to be prepared than turned away. An email to our lawyer on Monday will clear things up.

I do hope you question why your chosen lawyer does not have an English speaking representative at DGM.

I am surprised too that you had to hand over fees. Most lawyers handle everything within their initially quoted fee.

Your next visit should be according to the law within 10 working days but a few months ago they were running late on this requirement, so be patient.

The next visit should take about the same time at DGM. The key for the least posible time there is your lawyer getting your turn number ticket by being there when they open at 8am and at front of the queues that are there then.

Back in November, I was there at 8am but only got my residency card just before midday. You then have to go over to JCE for Foreigners which is on Av.Luperon just off the large roundabout Plaza de Banderas which is about 15/20 minutes from DGM by car depending on traffic. You leave DGM travel along 30 de Mayo for about 5kms and then turn up Luperon and have to go right around the Plaza de Banderas to access the JCE on Luperon going south. The JCE are quick taking photographs, signatures and issuing cedulas.

I suggest you ask your lawyer to help organize an english speaking taxi driver to take you from DGM to JCE Extranjeria, wait and then take you to the bus station.

Good luck. … 01831!5i15

All sounds about right except for the 10 days.  Your lawyer should advise of the current schedule.  Mine was 4 months, just a couple of months ago, which was pretty close to the time my lawyer told me it would take.

That was going to be my point: 10 days?   More like several months for he next steps.

I would ask the same question as well, why no English speaking assistant on this???

Noted. The 10 days is for renewals between first and second visit.

They are quoting 45 working days for first application.

45 days, translated to working days equals about 4 months or more...jajaja

As a point of clarification, the money handed to the DGM office was quoted in the lawyers' fees.  But why worry about transferring to our lawyer, then to his associate, and then to DGM?  It was just as easy for us to bring the funds.  Nothing above what we were quoted.  As for an English speaking person meeting us? It would have been easier. I would have taken French as well.  But, we are living in a Spanish-speaking country, so the burden is on me to understand the language. I'm learning, but it takes time.

In situations like this an English or your language speaking assistant is the norm!  I agree you should learn but most don't by the time you file for residency. Almost all lawyers know this, it's absolutely normal.

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WillieWeb15 October 2019 12:16:01
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They only hold you until the return flight if you can't pay for the ticket change....~$200

you might find out why they refuse you... by asking


planner15 October 2019 12:38:40
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NO idea honey.  No one can make that decision except you.   No one knows what may or may not happen.

lennoxnev15 October 2019 15:09:51
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Bmccarthy1034 :
Hi again.
I've been reading the posts both here and on Facebook.
I was denied entry and sent back in September.
I just bought a round trip ticket to PUJ for Friday.
I also have a reservation for a resort in Punta Cana.
My ticket is for 6 days.
After reading in this forum, I'm now concerned that I may again be denied and this time, detained in jail until my return flight the following Thursday.
Should I try it anyway, or just forget about it and write the lost money off as a lesson?

Wrong thread subject but to answer:

For sure there is going to be something on your file once the immigration officer swipes your passport on arrival. You have a record on file which is unlikely to get deleted but can be improved by future legal stays.

It would therefore be wise to seek prior authorization because they might think you would overstay again.

The foreign travel advice given by the Canadian authorities suggest you perhaps should obtain a visa for this visit:

If you overstay the period for which you have been authorized to stay, you will have to pay fine to immigration authorities when leaving the country.  You may also need to apply for a visa the next time you wish to return to the Dominican Republic. Local authorities may deny you entry if you don’t have the proper visa.

I would suggest that another option is that you could post your question on the DGM forum. They are the people that decide all matters immigration after all: … tranjeria/

This could become a recurring question if the numbers of denied entry for previous keep increasing.

Bmccarthy103415 October 2019 15:19:22
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Thank you for the reply.  I'm thinking I may just eat the ticket and consider it a learning experience.

lennoxnev15 October 2019 15:26:56
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It doesn't cost to write an e-mail to your local DR consulate or even call them to seek advice. Equally a question online as suggested. All less than losing your flight cost.

And presumably you want to visit DR again and get the record straightened?

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KaiserSToday 08:58:57
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I just received my 60 day resident visa stamped in my passport from the Dominican Consulate in Miami. Now I'm heading to Santo Domingo to file the application for residency in DR. Any recommendations on how to expedite the local process there? Should I use a lawyer? Any recommendations for honest and efficient lawyers? Thanks 😊

Congrats on getting this far.  I am not sure why you copied all those messages.....

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