Travel Tip

After you are through check-in and all of the hassle associated with airline travel, take photos of your boarding pass and baggage claim tags. God knows you will have plenty of free time and the documentation that the photos generate may become invaluable and at least extremely convenient later.
I take photos of my itinerary, passport, and all of my important travel documents. The 3-D images work on most scanners. Do screen captures on maps and instructions to save time or in case of no Internet access - big-time possibility. Xiamen in China was especially bad - no English or Vietnamese but plenty of exploitation of the situation.
Once you have the information on your screen you may not have access again - capture it - you may not have a second chance. Learn how to do screen captures. That information may become valuable or critical to you in the future.
The flight number, flight time, gate number, and other information become a wealth of information to you and your friends that connect with you. Copy and send a photo or screen image to your connecting friends,
Send a photo of your location to your taxi or uber contact to show them how to find you. Send a photo of a gate and terminal sign to your intended driver for quick location. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.
Take a photo of your luggage and its identifying characteristics away from your destination for a positive ID. I got separated from my luggage when I was bumped from a flight recently. My baggage went on without me but I was able to ID it EXACTLY with a photo.
Document everything with photos. It is so easy and so fast and so precise.

Your camera can be your best friend while traveling. Travel is so complex and the information critical that there is no way to remember all the details except by employing your secretary, the camera.

One many not have internet access when arriving in a new country, so pictures in advance help a lot.
I never try to talk to taxi drivers (I don't uber), just show him a screenshot of hotel address. Can also be written on a piece of paper.
I photograph everything in my wallet in case it is lost.
When going shopping, I take pictures to show the seller, or show the item on a website.

Camera = Iphone or equivalent.

I can't imagine traveling without my Iphone. Camera, maps, currency converter, translator, alarm clock, world clock, Agoda, web, weather, calendar, expense tracker, Dropbox for my pdfs and lists, and communications of course.

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